The “Virginia” LLC was founded by Mr. Ljubomir Dragojevic, agriculture engineer, by the end of 1999 in Belgrade, Serbia. Its primary activity was import of raw materials in the field of agriculture for entire Serbian tobacco industry. For that reason the very name of the company was related to one species of tobacco with a large leaf.

Active diversification of activities brought company to the segment of vegetable in 2000 experimenting with vegetable seeds of prominent Israeli producer “Nirt Seeds”. Further spread of activities in this segment continued through authorized representation of known producers of intermediates like Scotts (now Everris), Pindstrup, Biobest, Syngenta Bioline, Mottes, etc.

Today, “Virginia” LLC is a modern company specialized in multiple segments for contemporary agricultural production.

“Virginia” is one of few Serbian firms which, beside Serbia, successfully operate in entire region. Our activities are noticeable in all former Yugoslavian Countries as well in Romania.

Trial station of “Virginia” LLC is a guide to many vegetable growers from Serbia and wider region. Our traditional “Open field days” event is visited by hundreds of producers and experts from Serbia and abroad.

Our employees are our biggest wealth. The company has 12 employees, of which 8 are with high education (Agriculture and Economy). Some of our agronomists are leading experts in their fields of expertise.

In many fields of our activities, hardly earned leading position is obliging us to continuously work on our advancement and improvement.

Our wish is to continue contributing to further development of agriculture and to contribute to more carefree, higher quality and healthier lives of our associates. Up until now we have been successful, we belief that we can do even better in the future.

In Belgrade,            Srdjan Dragojevic, B. Sc. Agri

“Virginia” LLC is open for cooperation with all relevant institutions, companies and Producers in the field of Agriculture. You can send your proposals and suggestions to the email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.